martedì 15 dicembre 2009

Feminized cannabis seeds

Many friend that are familiar with marijuana, but not with cannabis growing, have asked me what are the feminized cannabis seeds, what are their differences with regular marijuana seeds, and why they are becoming so popular nowadays. To answer to this question we have first to define what marijuana is and how yo get marijuana out of your cannabis plant. For first, not all the cannabis strains are right to produce marijuana, but only selected strains. The marijuana is the flower of the female cannabis plant, possibly not pollinated by a male plant, so that the flower can concentrate only on its growth without "loosing" energies in the process of making seeds. Now regular cannabis seeds produces indifferently male and female plants. If you wanna get for example 6 female plants you should start with 15 seeds, becasue many of them would be male. Now the thing are different. Thanks to the work of many cannabis pioneers, now we are able to select the best females and let them produces male pollen. With this pollen we can then pollinate other female plants and voila, the resulting seeds will produce only female plants, these are the true feminized cannabis seeds.