giovedì 25 settembre 2014

The feminised seeds

Give up the cannabis paradigms of feminised seeds and give them what they need. Denser buds, bigger yield and seems to shorten flowering a bit. Take records of every movement in your cannabis club.

Cultivation of cannabis is punishable in the Netherlands. In conclusion, you can now see that bat guano is perfect for growing your own clean organic cannabis. Little evidence supports the benefits of B vitamins, but at least they were mixing auxins with B vitamins in an attempt to determine if there was a benefit.

Give up the cannabis paradigms, and give them what they need. Obtaining clones in the period of flowering phase would only take clones to have at least 2 weeks to begin vegetative stage again. That's the claim, using molasses in the flowering stage will increase the size of the buds making them larger and harder.

I now always keep an organic grow formula” (for nitrogen deficiencies) and an ” organic flowering formula ” (for phosphorous deficiencies) on hand. Marijuana plants intake nutrients directly from the soil through their roots and from the atmosphere through their leaves. Contrary to popular thought, planting Cannabis strains later in the season in temperate latitudes may actually promote earlier flowering.

Most high-quality drug Cannabis grows in areas that are dry much of the time at least during the maturation period. The extra seed bract growth on flowering buds is the result of letting the buds flower too long. This way the Nitrogen is best absorbed during vegetative growth, and Phosphorus, Potassium and microelements are best absorbed during flowering.

This is because of the binding that happens with Nitrogen or with Phosphorus already present in the feeding. Although Cannabis does not grow well in a soil with a low nutrient content, this is preferable to a soil that has been toxified by over-fertilization. For instance, during flowering a plant will require more P's and K's, so the bloom nutrient will naturally contain more P and K than N. Each manufacturer of nutrients will have its own composition of the NPK ratio per nutrient.

Overwatering is a common cause of death for cannabis. When forcing the plants from vegetative to flowering growth (i.e. changing the light cycle from 24 hours of continuous light to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness), the nutrient ratio must change as well. This period, known as the flowering period, lasts approximately 6-10 weeks, depending on the strain of cannabis.

Stop using during the last two weeks of the flowering cycle. Monster Bloom adds size and mass to the flowers in the budding and flowering cycles. Cytokinins respond within what ever stage that the plant is in. Spray in vegetative then you will experience more vegetative growth, spray in flower then you will experience more flowering etc.

Cannabis grown in Hawaiian soil is much worse for us. Smoking 100 g. of volcanic marijuana per week would lead to mercury poisoning. Cannabis absorbs many heavy metals from the soil without ill effects. Calcium as a nutrient plays an important role in crop health and quality.

The primary or macronutrients (nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K)) are the elements plants use the most. Thinking process behind it's that the increase in phosphorous may lead to bigger crops. There are lots of ready made plant nutrients on the market some aimed at cannabis and some not.

Regularly feeding your fungus carbohydrates throughout flowering can have the end result of giving your plants a phosphorous boost. The benefits to adding carbohydrates is mostly indirect; they don't help the plants directly, they feed the beneficial microorganisms that help the plants. A subset of carbohydrates are the sugars ending in '-ose'.

During flowering change the reservoir every two weeks. To begin with do this at least once a month and just before you start flowering. Whether you're growing marijuana for personal use or you're looking to make a little extra money on the side, you always want to have the biggest buds.

sabato 4 gennaio 2014

other accessory cannabinoids such as THCV, CBD, CBC, and CBN

Drug Strain Gross Phenotypes Drug strains are characterized by Delta1-THC as the primary cannabinoid, with low levels of other accessory cannabinoids such as THCV, CBD, CBC, and CBN. Page and his colleagues have already used the new enzymes to coax yeast to produce olivetolic acid, a key metabolic intermediate on the biochemical pathway that leads to cannabinoids. Manipulating the endocannabinoid system by pre- and/or postnatal administration of cannabinoids or maternal marijuana consumption has significant, yet subtle effects on the offspring.

The consumption of externally supplied cannabinoids is known to affect sperm motility by interrupting the ability of sperm to move properly toward an egg. A large amount of experimental data have clearly shown that cannabinoids negatively influence important sperm functions, including motility , capacitation and acrosome reaction, three fundamental processes necessary for oocyte penetration. Exogenous cannabinoids substances consumed from outside the body, interfere with the body’s natural processes because they exert negative effects on reproduction by reducing LH secretion and suppressing gonadal function.

venerdì 22 aprile 2011

White Widow

In January, 1981, this author and five members of the California Marijuana Initiative (CMI) secretly, by pretending to be pro-LaRouche, attended the West Coast convention of this organization white widow, whose guest speaker was Ed Davis, former Los Angeles Police Chief, who was at that time a freshman state senator from Chatsworth, California.As we each walked in separately, we were asked to sign a petition endorsing a Detroit reporter who had written an open letter to the new President, Ronald Reagan, asking him to give immediate presidential clemency and make a national hero of Mark Chapman, who had murdered John Lennon of the Beatles six weeks earlier.The letter stated that John Lennon had been the most evil man on the planet because he almost single-handedly "turned on" the planet to "illicit drugs". The evils of rock 'n' roll are a constant theme of the "War on Drugs" publications.

venerdì 11 febbraio 2011

Feminized seeds

Or they report on studies detailing the cardio-pulmonary risks of using cocaine, then mention marijuana smoke unrelated except by context. Or the "well-intentioned" officer tells anecdotes about persons he claims to know who "started" with marijuana feminized seeds and ultimately destroyed their lives with hard drugs, crime, and depravity; then lumps marijuana in with genuinely dangerous drugs and describes how youngsters or fellow police officers were killed by these desperate, drug crazed criminals. Then the officer encourages the students to "help" their drug-using friends and family by becoming a police informant. These kinds of indirect lies through innuendo and implication are given in an off-hand manner calculated to leave a strong, permanent impression on the sub-conscious mind, without basing it on any research or other sources that can be objectively studies or directly challenged just a lasting, indistinct mental image.

martedì 2 febbraio 2010

marijuana seeds

Unlike civil suits between individuals, the government is immune to counter-suit. The government can use its unlimited resources to repeatedly press a suit in the mere hope of convincing one juror the defendant did not provide a preponderance of evidence marijuana seeds. Forfeitures imposed by the English Crown led our nation's founders to prohibit bills of attainder (forfeiture consequent to conviction) in the first article of the American Constitution. The main body of the Constitution also forbids forfeiture of estate for treason. The first Congress passed the statue, still law today, stating that "No conviction or judgement shall work corruption of blood or any forfeiture of estate." However, early Americans did incorporate in rem (proceeding against a thing) procedures under Admiralty and Maritime law, to seize enemy ships at sea and to enforce payment of customs duties.

martedì 15 dicembre 2009

Feminized cannabis seeds

Many friend that are familiar with marijuana, but not with cannabis growing, have asked me what are the feminized cannabis seeds, what are their differences with regular marijuana seeds, and why they are becoming so popular nowadays. To answer to this question we have first to define what marijuana is and how yo get marijuana out of your cannabis plant. For first, not all the cannabis strains are right to produce marijuana, but only selected strains. The marijuana is the flower of the female cannabis plant, possibly not pollinated by a male plant, so that the flower can concentrate only on its growth without "loosing" energies in the process of making seeds. Now regular cannabis seeds produces indifferently male and female plants. If you wanna get for example 6 female plants you should start with 15 seeds, becasue many of them would be male. Now the thing are different. Thanks to the work of many cannabis pioneers, now we are able to select the best females and let them produces male pollen. With this pollen we can then pollinate other female plants and voila, the resulting seeds will produce only female plants, these are the true feminized cannabis seeds.